2 countries surrounded by the Caribbean Sea share on island. What are the entitle of the countries and the island?

Answers:    Haties and Dominican Republic
What is Haiti and the Dominican Republic?
The island of Hispa~nola
Haiti is on the western side and takes up 1/3 of the island
(they speak French Creole)
Dominican Republic is on the eastern side and take up 2/3 of the island
(they speak Spanish)
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on h island
Haiti (and why isn't there a category for it) and the Dominican Republic share Hispaniola
Haiti and the Dominican Republic are both located on Hispaniola.
Haiti and the Dominican Republic are the two independent states that share the island of Hispaniola.

St. Martin (French) and St. Maarten (Dutch) are two overseas territory of France and Netherlands that share the island of St. Martin.
Haiti y Republica Dominicana es en el Mar Caribe dondes el dos pais en uno island lol i said Haiti and dominican republic is in the caribbean ocean where the 2 countries contained by 1 island
island of Hispaniola: Haiti and Dominican republic
Hispaniola : Santo Domingo and Haiti
St Martin: France and Netherlands
Haiti and the Dominican Republic is it
St Maarten/St Martin- french and dutch. the above are correct toooooooo.
Dominican Rupblic and Haiti.
Those countries are Haiti and Dominican Republic, and they are all over island of Hispaniola or La Espa~nola (in spanish). Puerto Rico is at the east, Cuba is at the west side and Jamaica its at south.
Dominican Republic, and Haiti, are on like peas in a pod Island called Hispanola.

Know you geography!!
Haiti and the Dominican Republic... too undemanding.

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